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This Sector is represented by the ETF shown.

To depict a sector's price performance, Morningstar has selected an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) designed to track that specific sector. The ETF with the highest total net assets in that category, excluding leveraged and inverse ETFs, is selected. The percentage change of the ETF's price for the timeframe selected illustrates the sector's price performance percentage. The selection process is performed monthly and the ETF is updated accordingly.

XLE is up 1.84% over the last 1 month.
S&P 500

Industries within Energy

Industries within Energy: Overview
Industry1 Day PerformanceAverage
Market Cap
Dividend Yield
Oil & Gas Drilling
15 Companies
1.8 B3.02%
Oil & Gas E&P
111 Companies
21.0 B1.99%
Oil & Gas Equipment & Services
54 Companies
27.2 B2.56%
Oil & Gas Integrated
15 Companies
42.6 B3.69%
Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing
27 Companies
38.3 B3.25%
Oil & Gas Midstream
57 Companies
28.2 B6.43%
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